Miltoniopsis Herralexandre [cf] Orchid Care & Culture

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No ID Orchid: Miltoniopsis Herr Alexandre [cf.]
(see also “Herralexandre” or “Herr Alexander”

Care Group: See Miltoniopsis Orchids

This is a NOID phal and the name may be wrong, which is why “[cf]” has been included in the name; you can read about plant nomenclature here. Since posting this I’ve done some digging and gone back and forth with a few people on other possible IDs, but I’m fairly certain it’s likely Miltoniopsis Herralexandre ‘193’.

The care is relatively straight forward. Miltoniopsis need ample water and do not like drying out between waterings. Because I live in a dry climate I utilize sphagnum moss as a top-dressing on top of small-sized bark. I’ve also used 100% sphagnum which was also very effective; the problem with 100% sphagnum is that you have to repot every year or two religiously or it will break down and suffocate your roots. Miltoniopsis roots will feed the plant year after year, so it’s in your best interest to keep old roots thriving and not kill them by forgetting to repot.


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