Orchid Breeding – Attempted Crossings

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This is simply a photo-heavy post to help me remember what orchids I crossed, and what potential I think they will have. At the top, I’ll have crosses that are in flask, followed by crosses that are in-pod (still making seeds), followed by newly attempted crosses (waiting to see if the pod starts), and at the end all of my failed attempts (which I will likely retry a few times). If you want to know more about “how to breed”, check out my other post on on that topic.

Orchid Breeding – Hybrids Currently Deflask

Phal Tying Shin Fly Eagle x bastianii

Pollinated: April 2, 2018  |  Flasked (dry seed): Nov 7, 2018  |  Replated #1: Jan 2, 2019

Why This? Expected Outcomes – This is my first cross ever. I had experienced a lot of failed pod attempts and this was the first to make it to pod. You can track my photo journal of this hybrid, here. I’m expecting smaller flowers that have red spots on yellow background. The heavy influence of bastianii may mean that the flowers change color over time, fading from red to more of a coral peach. Ideally the influence of speciosa from Tying Shin Fly Eagle combined with the color fading of bastianii will result in chamelon flowers that have both random red petals AND colors that fade over the duration of the flower. It should also be very floriferous taking the traits of bastianii and Tying Shin Fly Eagle.


Phal Tying Shin Fly Eagle x bellina fma alba

Pollinated: May 5, 2018  |  Flasked (dry seed): Dec, 19, 2018

Why This? Expected Outcomes – The rarity of a true bellina alba means there’s a good chance my pollen plant is actually a hybrid (my guess is Tarlac Bellina based on the short nodes between buds on the spike, and due to the tight clusters of prolific flowers). I expect the alba will dampen the colors of Tying Shin Fly Eagle; possibly blocking the reds entirely, or just reducing the intensity of the read leading to vibrant pinks or yellows. It would be cool if the the alba trait was fully passed on because I think that the saturation of color (when alba) would lead to very green flowers – but that’s a pretty unlikely outcome. Both the Tying Shin Fly Eagle and the bellina fma alba parent are very fragrant, and I expect the offspring will be too. The fragrance will possibly be a blend of Goatcheese and spicy citrus (so who knows what they might smell like). So…expecting magenta/pink flowers that have good form and strong fragrance.

Orchid Breeding – Hybrids Currently in Flask

*pending update*


Orchid Hybrids in Developing Seed Pods

Phal Li Sun High (mariae fma flava x tetraspis fma alba) x Jennifer Palermo (tetraspis f. alba x violacea f. indigo)

Pollinated: Dec 14, 2018

Why This? Expected Outcomes – Double tetraspis alba from both parents should introduce a high possibility of white flowers. Ideally the cupped form of Li Sun High that I have can be improved while still carrying forward the fragrance of mariae and violacea. Best case I would hope for purple (coerulea) spots on a pristine white flower…but who knows. Regardless of how the flower looks, this should be a prolific bloomer taking high flower count from mariae and the ever-blooming nature of tetraspis.


Newly-Attempted Orchid Hybrids

*no new pollinations*

Failed Attempts

Phal Li Sun High (mariae fma flava x tetraspis fma alba) x self

Pollinated: Dec 14, 2018  |  Failed: Seeds were not viable

Why This? Expected Outcomes – Expecting a polarity of mixed genes from either parent. Ideally a some of the flowers have more spots, maybe some white flowers, and maybe some with yellow? Fragrance of the parent is awesome (strong and smells sort of fresh like cilantro and synthetically sweet Diet Coke) will ideally pass on to the progeny. Perhaps in the back-crossing some of the flowers will come out with better form of tetraspis…while I’m sure many will carry forward the cupped shape of mariae.

*Dropped the pot and busted the spike & pod – retry this later (Zheng Min Anaconda x Kingfisher Kaiulani King)