34 Orchid YouTube Channels You Should Follow (to turn your YouTube feed into the best orchid videos)

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Orchid YouTube Channels List

  1. Here…But Not (Apartment Windowsill and Artificial Light Grower)
  2. Brad’s Greenhouse (Canadian Greenhouse-Growing YouTuber specializing in Nepenthes & Orchids)
  3. Bumblebee (Windowsill Orchid YouTube Grower)
  4. Astrid (Semi Hydro Artificial Light Home Grower)
  5. Michael Orchids (Semi Hydro Orchid YouTube Channel)
  6. Spencer (Chicago Semihydro windowsill grower)
  7. My Green Pets
  8. MissOrchidGirl (Grow Room Orchid YouTube Grower)
  9. PYC Orchids (Greenhouse Orchid Grower)
  10. Oliver’s Greenhouse (Greenhouse Orchid Channel)
  11. Rodger Frampton (UK Greenhouse YouTube Grower)
  12. Ed’s Orchids (UK Greenhouse, Paphiopedilum & Phragmipedium Channel)
  13. Hyperion Greenhouse (US Greenhouse Grower)
  14. Orchid Whisperer (Former? – Full Water Culture)
  15. Samantha’s Orchids (Full / Semi Water Culture Grower)
  16. Orchid Web TV (Supplier & Greenhouse w/ good info on individual species)
  17. Wade’s Orchids (Supplier & Greenhouse w/ good info on individual species)
  18. My Orchid Adventures (Outdoor grower)
  19. Zane’s Wild Flora
  20. NYC Orchid Queen (New York City Orchid YouTuber – Windowsill & Semi Hydro)
  21. Gardening at Douentza (Irish YouTuber Plant Growing Generalist)
  22. Felix Unterhofer
  23. Orchideya
  24. Orchidaholic
  25. Orchidomania
  26. OrchidudeBcn
  27. OrchidLove ATX 安格斯 (Orchid Channel in English & Chinese)
  28. Antonia Orchids
  29. Florida Native Orchids
  30. Dan the Orchid Man
  31. Miracle Orchids (Semihydro Orchid Grower)
  32. Plants ‘n Things (Canadian, Artificial Light & General Plant Channel)
  33. Orquimaniaco (in Spanish)
  34. Orquideas en el mundo/ Orchids in the world (in Spanish)


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