Phalaenopsis honghenensis Orchid Care & Culture

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Species Name: Phalaenopsis honghenensis

Care Group: See Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

Habitat of Phalaenopsis honghenensis & Inferred Cultural Tips

Elevation: 2,000m
Distribution: China, Thailand
Other Phalaenopsis species from this area: wilsonii, tsii, marriottiana, yingjiangensis, & malipoensis
Temperature: Cool Grower (Highland) (Days: 21-27C, Nights: 10-16C)
Seasonal Variation: Yes – Dry, Cool, & Bright Winters

Flowering Habit of Phalaenopsis honghenensis

Spike Initiation: Spring, after cool winter
Bloom Time: Spring
Fragrant: *unknown*

Phalaenopsis honghenensis Care

This is a cool-growing phal; to do well with cool-growers like this you need to provide cool evening temps and a differential between the day and night temps of at least 8C. Day temps should not exceed 28C, and beware of bright and/or direct sun. The leaves are a dark green and I suspect will easily scorch if moved from shady to bright positions without proper acclimation.

Water with the objective of “wet / dry cycles” on a 5-7 day cycle. The roots should be just approaching dryness as you water again; in winter let the roots dry slightly more, but keep the watering routine regular to avoid leaf drop.

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