Phalaenopsis Li Sun High (mariae fma flava x tetraspis fma alba)

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Phalaenopsis Li Sun High (mariae fma flava x tetraspis fma alba)

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Species Name: Phalaenopsis Li Sun High

Care Group: See Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

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Phalaenopsis Li Sun High Care

This primary hybrid grows well in a moisture retentive mix. It blooms freely and spikes prolifically taking great qualities from both parents. The flowers are not ideal for shape and form (pointing down and cupped), but the charm of the overall plant has made it a favourite in my collection.

Here are my notes on culture for Li Sun High from my own experience:

Flowering Habit

The flowers are cupped and face down on my plant – a trait inherited from mariae. The blooms are fragrant and smell very unique – it reminds me of cilantro and also of diet Coke (if you’re drinking a glass and inhale through your noes…it’s a similar synthetic sweet smell). The spikes started emerging at the end of summer and flowers opened in early winter (beginning of December). I don’t believe it requires cool temps to spike as it started spikes earlier than all of my cool-temp spikers by at least 3-4 weeks (before the temps in my home dipped).


It’s recommended to grow Phal mariae and tetraspis at low light (500 – 1,500fc); I grow this phal with my others, at a South-facing window (quite bright; I’d guess close to 2,500fc?) behind a sheer cloth. It did suffer initially from chlorosis of the leaves – but a dose of epsom salts and the regrowth of new roots has resolved nutrient issues on the newer leaves.

Water & pH

I keep the plant moist at all times; if the medium is dry at the top (hard to the touch), I water. Once a week I water with a heavy drench of tap water which is pH adjusted to 5.8 from 7.5. I flush the pot every week or two with unadjusted tap water which is alkaline and at a pH of 7.5; my tap water has a TDS of 250ppm.


I grow all of my orchids quite cool (intermediate temps of 16C at night to 25C during the day) – not by design, just a function of living in Canada. In the summer, I keep the A/C on to try and target around 22-25C; it goes up to 28C if it’s an exceptionally sunny day. In winter (which this hasn’t been here for yet), temps go down to about 16C in the evenings while I cycle temps for the rest of my winter-blooming phals.

Potting Media

I grow this in a mix of bark, perlite and sphagnum. It has a higher ratio of sphagnum than my other novelty phals and the roots do not grow well outside the pot. When the moss is crispy and the roots are silvering, I water liberally.


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Phalaenopsis Li Sun High (mariae fma flava x tetraspis fma alba)