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Species Name: Phalaenopsis pallens

Subgenus: Polychilos | Section: Amboinenses
Care Group:
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Habitat of Phalaenopsis pallens & Inferred Cultural Tips

Elevation: 0-500m
Distribution: Philippines (Luzon)
Other Phalaenopsis species from this area: schilleriana, amabilis, philippinensis, sanderiana, stuartiana, micholitzii, hieroglyphica, fasciata, mariae, reichenbachiana, pulchra, bastianii, equestris
Temperature: Hot Grower (Ultra Lowland) (Days: 29-35C, Nights: 21-24C)
Seasonal Variation: Yes – Dry, Cool, & Bright Winters

Flowering Habit of Phalaenopsis pallens

Spike Initiation: Fall – Spikes initate during cool temps
Bloom Time: Winter (January in Northern hemisphere)
Fragrant: No

Phalaenopsis pallens Care

This charming yellow phal comes from the Luzon area of the Philippines. Its compact size and free-flowering nature makes it a desirable species. Phal pallens has a tendency to create keikis and form large groups of connected plants of the temperature are warm. In nature this plant grows at low elevation and reportedly requires high humidity; however, under my care they do very well with low humidity (30-50%). Unlike other Phalaenopsis from the subgenus Amboinenses, pallens does not get stunted or set back by dry roots. The plant can tolerate a  cool winter temperature (down to 16C).

My pallens gets watered weekly, and is in a mix of bark, sphagnum moss, and perlite. It responds well to distinct but short wet and dry cycles.

Project: Growing Phalaneopsis pallens from seed
In 2019, I self pollinated my plant and have filmed the process of flasking the seeds…


Photos of Phalaenopsis pallens


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