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After a few years of running this blog, I realized 3 things: 1) I write a lot about Phalaenopsis orchids; 2) It was difficult to find all of that information because it wasn’t organized on my site; and 3) I still have SO many orchids that I haven’t written about! This post is intended to be a central resource that works to transfer my passion and knowledge of phalaenopsis to you!

Growing Phalaenopsis & Care Guides

  1. Beginner’s Guide to Phals
  2. Detailed Guide to Growing Phals
  3. Breaking the Rules – Fixing a Phal Care Sheet
  4. Advanced Phalaenospis Care
  5. A Guide to Fragrant Phals


Phalaenopsis Culture

Phalaenopsis & Water



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Here’s a photo of me *Hi!* and my two largest phalaenopsis
I’ve had these two for just under 3 years


Breeding, Flasking & Hybridizing Phalaenopsis

General Helpful Information About Orchid Care

Phalaenopsis Species Care Guides

Phalaenopsis Hybrids Care Guides