About “Here…but not” (a plant & orchid blog)

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Welcome to Here…But Not—it’s an plant blog created by me—Dustin, just some guy growing plants in his condo up in Canada (…eh).

The backstory to the name “here…but not” is that I’m often physically present, but not mentally paying attention because I’m thinking about my plants. I love researching orchid care, discovering new species, pondering possible hybrids, and just generally obsessing about plants, their care and their culture. The fallout is that I’m often distracted and only half paying attention to my friends and family—oops!

This blog is the central point for me to share my knowledge and experience with the world. My goal is to help new growers experience success and knock back naysayers and fad chasers in favor of good, tangible,and valuable plant-growing advice. I have personal frustration with bad advice that prevents growers from experiencing success and because of that I love breaking myths. That’s what this blog is for, to share my findings with you and help keep more orchids alive longer.

For updates follow me on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram; I have Twitter, but I’m not much of a tweeter – sorry.