Cattleya (Laelia) Zip Orchid Care & Culture

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Hybrid Name: Cattleya Zip (formerly Laelia)
(tenebrosa ‘Kathleen’ x milleri ‘Dr. Koopowitz Red’ HCC/AOS)

This is the oldest orchid in my collection, Catt. Zip from Sunset Valley Orchids. I’ve had it since 2013 but admittedly my care for a while was shotty. It survived a basement door blowing open during a-40C winter day, it survived my first condo, and my “party” days (when I was neglectful and often didn’t water for weeks at a time because I was instead at the gym or out with friends). It hasn’t bloomed since 2013, but in 2017 its made a good comeback. Now that it’s 2018, the plant is doing much better and has 1 or 2 growths in progress at any given time. The last growth is VERY long…and has a big sheath…so I’m hoping that means I’ll get blooms soon.

The flowers are BRIGHT red and crystalline. They are not fragrant, but they are long lasting and the colour is shockingly bright and the flowers are very large (I don’t think the milleri stunted any element of this plant and only added color and affected flower shape).

Photos of Cattleya (Laelia) Zip