Chartreuse Bulldog Paphiopedilums From Marriott Orchids (Hadley Cash)

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Paph Alchemy ‘Titanic’ - Credit: Hadley Cash, Marriott Orchids

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I picked this up an order of 3 paphs for my 35th birthday this year. These are all from Hadley Cash owner of Marriott Orchids. It’s rare that we in Canada get to opportunity to purchase from US vendors (costs associated with cites permits are prohibitive); however he was in Calgary for the November Foothills Orchid Society meeting.

I wanted to get one green bulldog type paph, and a few spotted types, but due to a mix-up I took home three yellow-green types. I’ve put together this post mostly to help me remember the parents to the paphs I own as it may be a year or two before they bloom, but maybe you’ve purchased these too in which case it’s beneficial to both of us!

These are the parents of my un-bloomed Chartreuse Bulldog Paphs 😀

Paph Alchemy ‘Titanic’ x Titan’s Gold ‘Garantua’

(HC3262 -$40USD)


Paph Magic Sun ‘Solar Eclipse’ x Memoria S. Robert Weltz ‘Enchanted Orb’

(HC3241 – $40USD)


Paph Lippewunder ‘Golden Towers’ x Alex Szabo ‘Pure Gold’ AM/AOS

(HC3152 – $45USD)

Note: I couldn’t find a photo of the Lippewunder ‘Golden Towers’ clone – this is a photo of a different Lippewunder plant (for reference)