Photo Journal: My First Orchid Flasking Phal Tying Shin Fly Eagle x bastianii

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After successfully deflasking orchids for the first time in 2017, I decided to try making my own hybrid phal (including flasking them myself). On April 2, 2018 the project began and I pollinated these two phalaenopsis plants:

Follow on down and see how the project progresses…

A few weeks after pollination

A Few months after that   

A few more months (nearly 4)  

6 months after pollination

212 days / 6.5 months after pollination

218 days – Pod popped and dry seeds are ready for flasking

Dry Seed on flasking day

Seeds under microscope (x100)

Prepping seed for sowing – in 3% hydrogen peroxide

Freshly flasked phals – Nov 8, 2019

Seeds after one week
Looks like they’re viable because they’re bigger!

Seeds after 2 weeks
Definitely seeing green!!

Contamination after 3 weeks
Room temperature swings are causing the flasks to expand and contract and appear to bring in pathogens

More Protocorm Like Bodies

Comparing day of flasking vs. 21 days later

4 weeks later

Another contamination 🙁

Tried an incubation chamber
Resulted in water getting into the flasks from 100% humidity 🙁

Seedlings on a heating mat doing well
Seems to be the best bet for no contamination & event temps

6 Weeks later

8 weeks after flasking

An oddly beautiful contamination

Replate #1 – 8 Weeks after Mother flask

One of the stickers was wet from the incubation chamber and I didn’t sterilize properly; all of the flasks from the next photo were contaminated.

12 Weeks (90 Days) After Sowing

the Protocorm Like Bodies have differentiated and started sprouting leaves…I can even see a couple root numbs…it’s amazing  

16 Weeks (4 months) after Sowing the Phalaenopsis Seeds

 This is a different flask (new hybrid) – but i’m squeezing it in b/c it looks awesome

I have had one contamination – I’ve left it as it hasn’t killed the seedlings…yet.


21 Weeks (~5 months) after Sowing

This is a two-part update. The seedlings are doing well, but my last of the “square flasks” has also contaminated. I decided I’d try to grow them

The other flasks in threaded containers are doing well. I should replate them soon as they’re getting a bit crowded…

My last contaminated flask which seems to be doing surprisingly well (see how the roots are longer?) – maybe I’ll share the “contamination” with the others if this continues to do well hahaha (kidding)


Sept 23, 2019

10 months after Sowing

It’s been a long time since I last updated! I have LOTS of flasks on the go and although I’ve been taking lots of photos, aside from steady increases in size, not much else is new. I have noticed that my last set of media “experiments” didn’t go so well…I had been adding things like fertilizer and potato, etc. And I think I just added too much of many things. It’s resulted in protocorm proliferation. So my newest batch of flasking media, I went a lot more conservative with what I was adding. Here are some photos of the seedlings I deflasked and some still in flask:

Ah, and some piles of flasks that I have on the go…”whoops”



That’s it! Last updated Sept 23, 2019
You’re all caught up!!!