Phalaenopsis Kingfisher’s Kaiulani King Orchid Care & Culture

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Hybrid Name: Phalaenopsis Kingfisher’s Kaiulani King
(P. Sogo Kaiulani ‘Joy’ X P. LD’s Bear King ‘RK1’ HCC/AOS)

Care Group: See Phalaenopsis Orchid Caresheet
Backstory: See Deflasking Phalaenopsis Seedlings: How to / First Time
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Culture & Care

I picked these guys up as a compot (community pot—a small pot of 6 seedling-sized plants) from Kingfisher Orchids in early September 2017. They have grown steadily under my care, with all of the seedlings starting to put out a new leaf within the first month. I grow them in a South-facing window that has a plastic shade over the window to reduce the intensity. They’re grown in about a 30% sphagnum moss mix and they get watered once a week as the medium approaches dryness. I have a small fan running over them to help encourage air movement, especially during the winter months which could result in cooler nights (and I don’t want the plant staying wet and cold for long).

I’m expecting (or rather I’m hoping for) dark red Princess Kaiulani-like flowers. I was expecting patterning or banding (likely based one the higher percentage of amboinensis) but the first of the six seedlings bloomed out solid red. Both parents are solid red, but I expect that the back-crossing of the hybrids will result in patterning in some of the siblings…assuming that pattern displays as a recessive gene of the parent orchids? Regarding this—I have no clue about orchid genetics, this guess is purely for my own interest.

Phalaenopsis Kingfisher’s Kaiulani King Photos

Side profile of Phal Kingfisher’s Kaiulani King – September 11, 2018

June 27, 2018 (9 months after receiving the compot)
A SPIKE! June 27, 2018

Sept 7, 2017 - Arrived and repotted