Phalaenopsis cf. Timothy Christopher NOID - Untagged Orchid

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Hybrid Name: Phalaenopsis Timothy Christopher

Possible Parents: Phal. Cassandra x Phal. aphrodite

Care Group: See Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

DISCLAIMER: This orchid did not have an ID tag and is therefore a, ‘No ID orchid’. I purchased it at a greenhouse or big-box retailer and this is the closest hybrid I could find. There is a chance that my plant is NOT the hybrid, “Timothy Christopher” which is why I’ve included, “cf.” in the title. For more information on naming NOID plants, please read this post on that topic.

More About Phalaenopsis Timothy Christopher

Phalaenopsis cf. Timothy Christopher Care

This orchid set spikes when under cool temps (or a temperature drop), but it also flowered freely throughout the year without requiring the temperature change. It blooms both in summer and in winter.

The flowers are not fragrant; however, they last for an incredible 4 months (16 weeks)!

The leaves have a flaw where they have a groove that’s off center; it has been present on the two last leaves. I’m considering cutting the top of the growth off in an effort to initiate a new basal growth that is not flawed but I’ll wait until it’s larger before I do that

Phalaenopsis cf. Timothy Christopher Photos