Phalaenopsis equestris var aurea Orchid Care & Culture

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Species Name: Phalaenopsis equestris var aurea

Care Group: See Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

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Phalaenopsis equestris var aurea Care

Same care as other Phal equestris. “Aurea” is simply a color form that indicates white flowers w/ a yellow lip.

Phal equestris are easy growers. They fall somewhere between a warm grower and a cool spiker for care. Flowering typically in summer (but can be any time of year). The roots do better when allowed to dry slightly between waterings. Allow a day or two after the roots have dried in the media before watering again. I would grow Phal equestris with large chunk orchid bark and only add about 10% sphagnum to the mix…or only use sphagnum as a top-dressing on the potting media. Refer to my post on potting mixes for phals and other orchids if you’d like more info and refer to the potting media for cool-spiking phals.

My Phal equestris aurea has done well in Orchiata pine bark, but it did experience an initial “lul” (slow to acclimate) after I got it. I attribute the delayed growth to the previous grower, as the plant arrived with very few roots, and only 4 leaves which were pale, short, hard, and thick – a sign that light was too intense. After two years of even care, the plant has produced many new leaves which are a deep green and average about 4-5″ long.

It flowers in Summer around June through to July with sequential non-fragrant flowers. For whatever reason, the first few flowers of each spike always abort, but once the first few flowers have failed the rest seem to come forward without blasting.

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