Phalaenopsis Memoria Val Rettig Orchid Care & Culture

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Hybrid Name: Phalaenopsis Memoria Val Rettig
(Anna-Larati Soekardi x pulcherrima)

Care Group: See Phalaenopsis Orchid Caresheet
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Culture & Care

I started growing this Memoria Val Rettig in very high light because of a post I saw online that showed photos of wild Phal pulcherrima growing on open exposed rocks under full sun. It ended up being too bright though, and while the plant never burned, the leaves became this weird silvery white colour and around the edging of the leaves became kind of dead looking. I’ve since put it behind a shade cloth and it’s doing much better, but I do intend to push the upper limits of light for this specific phal primarily because I think it can handle it. The colour of the leaves is still a very light mint green, but it was like that when I bought it.

Phalaenopsis Memoria Val Rettig Photos