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Phal Stone Dance

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Hybrid Name: Phalaenopsis Stone Dance

(Su-An CricketJoy‘ X equestris var. alba ‘Mime’ (4n) )

Care Group: See Phalaenopsis Orchid Caresheet

The background on this plant. This is probably one of my favourite orchids I own. It has been perpetually in bloom since I got it in June! The flowers are very fragrant and generally smell like honey or beeswax—but in the middle of the day when the fragrance is peaking, it smells like cinnamon hearts! It’s amazing.

I got this potted in a “mud mix” (peatmoss and perlite / promises) and I didn’t repot it because I wanted to see how it did. So far the mud mix seems to work just as well as the rest of my mixes  I will likely repot it next spring into my standard mix though.

Phalaenopsis Stone Dance Photos

Phal Stone Dance