Phalaenopsis wilsonii Orchid Care & Culture

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Species Name: Phalaenopsis wilsonii

Care Group: See Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

Habitat of Phalaenopsis wilsonii & Inferred Cultural Tips

Elevation: 1,500-2,200m
Distribution: China, Tibet
Other Phalaenopsis species from this area: honghenensis, tsii, marriottiana, yingjiangensis, & malipoensis
Temperature: Cool Grower (Highland) (Days: 21-27C, Nights: 10-16C)
Seasonal Variation: Yes – Dry, Cool, & Bright Winters

Flowering Habit of Phalaenopsis wilsonii

Spike Initiation: Spring, after cool winter
Bloom Time: Spring
Fragrant: not

Phalaenopsis wilsonii Care

This is a cool-growing phal; to do well with cool-growers like this you need to provide cool evening temps and a differential between the day and night temps of at least 8C. Day temps should not exceed 28C, and beware of bright and/or direct sun. The leaves are a dark green and I suspect will easily scorch if moved from shady to bright positions without proper acclimation.

Water with the objective of “wet / dry cycles” on a 5-7 day cycle. The roots should be just approaching dryness as you water again; in winter let the roots dry slightly more, but keep the watering routine regular to avoid leaf drop.

Comparing Phal wilsonii to honghenensis (Commonly Confused)

The general look of all species within the Aphyllae subgenus are very similar, and so Phalaenopsis wilsonii & honghenensis have been the point of confusion for many years. From Eric Christenson’s book, “Phalaenopsis: A Monogram” he points out many distinctions of honghenensis over wilsonii; those as well as other distinctions include:

Wilsonii Distinctions:

Flower Color: White to pale Pink
Flower Count: Many
Spike: Occasionally Branching
Lip: Flared (looks like a “reverse heart”
Heel (back of lip): None
Fragrance: None (possibly “Creamy Strawberry” though not reported in Christenson’s book)

Honghenensis Distinctions:

Flower Color: Pale pink to pale green
Flower Count: Few
Spike: Unbranching
Lip: Tapered
Heel (back of lip): Short, “Nipple-like”
Fragrance: Grape

Phalaenopsis wilsonii Photos

Photo of Phal. wilsonii ‘Millie’ from –ki— on Flicker

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