Phragmipedium Hanne Popow Orchid Care & Culture

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Hybrid Name: Phragmipedium Hanne Popow
(schlimii x besseae)

Care Group: See Phragmipedium Orchid Caresheet

Culture & Care

My Phrag Hanne Popow came from Ecuagenera. It was in bloom when it arrived and while about half of my other plants from this South American order have done very poorly (lots of rot, dehydration, or no growth), this particular one has done very well and immediately started growing after the blooms dropped.

It appears to be a climbing phrag–which is something I am new to. The next growth was out and up about 3″ from the previous growth so I’ve filled in around the growth with sphagnum moss to ensure that the roots that pop out will have somewhere to go.

I water the plant every week in the sink. I start by watering with a 1/2-strength fertilizer (MSU) and then I immediately follow by rinsing it through with tap water. I let the water run through the substrate for about 2-5 minutes. Once the rinse is done, I put the pot back into the pot-tray and fill the tray to about an inch. The phrag is left to sit in about an inch of water for the remainder of the week. Root growth has been very good and the white roots reach down to the bottom of the very large (and possibly over sized pot).

The flowers on my plant are two toned with light pink and pale yellow and I’m super pleased with the colours compared to other Hanne Popow which tend to be less showy (IMHO). They’re extremely fuzzy and feel like velvet or like a lamb’s ear plant. They’re also lightly fragrant and smell somewhat like rose or raspberry; you really have to get your nose up to the flower to smell it though. The fragrance doesn’t carry far.

Phragmipedium Hanne Popow Photos