Vanda tessellata Orchid Care & Culture

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Species Name: Vanda tessellata

Care Group: See Vandaceous Orchids
Origin: India
Elevation: Below 1500m
Humidity: 55% – 85%
Temperature Range: Winter (AvL 55-77°F AvH) | Summer (AvL 77-94°F AvH)

Vanda tessellata General Care Information

As with other Vandas, it’s recommended to grow Vanda tessellata bare root, or in an very open mix of large bark, charcoal, broken terracotta pots, or wine corks. Plants should be given bright light and successful culture should be recognized by “always growing” roots or leaves. Signs of stress or under watering include buckling of leaves midway through.

My Experience & Culture for Vanda tessellata

I keep my Vanda tessellata in a plastic pot with wine corks, topped with sphagnum moss — this is important because the humidity in my home is below 60%. It lives in a South-facing window that gets direct sunlight all day. The windows are quite thick and block a lot of the heat from direct sunlight, I also run my A/C unit all day in the summer to keep the temperature down on the leaves (to prevent scorching). When watering, I drench my plant 1-2 times per week (typically on Saturdays and Wednesdays). I put the pot in the sink (sometimes in the shower) and I soak both the pot, roots, and the leaves with tepid (neither warm nor cool to the touch) tap water.  Plants are fertilized every second or third watering. You can read more about my general Vanda culture and care here.

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