(VIDEO) My Grow Setup: Windowsill Orchids & Nepenthes Terrarium (Part 1 of 2) Follow along and see how I grow my rare plants up in Canada, eh ;)

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I created this vid’ because I love seeing how other people grow their plants and I want to show off my plant skills too obviously. I also think it’s extremely valuable to see how others grow because it helps us get a better perspective on ways of achieving success with our plants. This is especially important and relevant when it comes to growing rarer species in different climates (like up here in mid-West Canada where the air is VERY dry).

I also have a bunch of plants in my living room, but I’ll leave that for another video as it’s a lot to cover over 80 plant species. My weekly watering routine takes about 5 hours if i’m being causal (2 for the bedroom plants, 3 for the living room), but if i’m in a hurry, I can knock it down to 3.5 hours–it’s still a major commitment, but it feels more like therapy than work. I recognize that to the average person it looks like I have a problem (too many plants), but the way I see it, it’s better than being a drug addict and as long as I can still catalog my collection, then it’s not clinically considered hoarding.

I intend on doing more plant related vlogs in the future, my next video is going to be a review of the CrxSunny ‘1000W’ Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights I got on Amazon...If you’re into plants and liked this vid’, give me some encouragement and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


I run Jungle Dawn 40W LED Full Spectrum Bulbs on my terrarium — they’re amazing; you can get them here.
*Canadian growers…I don’t know where to get the Jungle Dawn LED 40 Watt Spot Lights…they’re impossible to find up here 🙁

List of Windowsill Orchids

*coming soon*

List of Terrarium Plants
(Growing Under the Jungle Dawn 40 Watt Full Spectrum LED Lights)

*coming soon