Reviewing Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights: CrxSunny 1000W COB LED & Jungle Dawn 40 Watt Spot Light Follow along as I review these two LED light options/brands for my orchids and nepenthes

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*video review coming early-mid August*

I grow about 70 different species of Orchids and Nepenthes. I’ve noticed that some of my higher-light requiring orchids on my East-facing window were a dark-green colour (a telltale sign they need more light). After a bunch of research, I got the CrxSunny 1000W COB LED grow lights (links below). There wasn’t a lot of online information about this unit, so I’ll be crafting my review as I go forward (stay tuned). I set the system up on July 9, 2017 and will be giving the light some time to see how it performs with my plants. The second light I’m reviewing, the Jungle Dawn 40W Full Spectrum Spot Light, I’ve been running on my terrarium for over a year. You can see them in the main photo for this post, off to the right of my window.


Product Details for the Orchid/Nepenthes Grow Light Review:


1. CrxSunny 1000W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Lights
Growing Lamps for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Product Page: CrxSunny 1000W
Get it in the United States
| Get it in Canada

Pros (CrxSunny 1000W COB LED):
– Price: under $200

Cons (CrxSunny 1000W COB LED):
– Pretty damn big
– Noisy ish – not a big deal b/c I’m running on a WeMo timer which syncs/overrides from my phone
– Ugly light colour – though apparently best for plant growth
– Minimal online information / reviews
– Difficult to hang; I ended up spending $90 on an Artika Eifel Shower Pole from Walmart to Jerry rigg a holding stand because my roof is made of concrete and I didn’t want to drill into that.


2. Jungle Dawn 40W Full Spectrum LED Spot Light

Product Page: Jungle Dawn 40W
Get it in the United States
| Not available in Canada as of July 7, 2017

Pros (Jungle Dawn 40W Spot Light):
– Price: Low for the value ($90)
– Performed very well: was so bright, plants blushed with red (plants grew anywhere from 2 feet directly under lights, up to 6″ — the plants at 6″ would sometimes burn depending on the species)
– White light so the the plants look nice
– Works with incandescent fixtures

Cons (Jungle Dawn 40W Spot Light):
– Availability: hard to find
– Require ceramic reptile lights to handle heat at the base
– Total cost for light bulb + fixture put each unit at about $140/light which covers a fairly narrow area 12″-24″ square

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