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What is ‘The Orchid Tag Game’? Pretty simple really, it’s a set of orchid-related interview questions that YouTubers answer, followed by their tag of the next YouTuber – so it’s kind of one of those emails you used to get in 1992 – “forward this to 10 friends and you’ll have wealth for 5 years” (except instead of THAT, you’ll get some orchid tips…which really if you think about it, is a form of wealth in and of itself 😉 ).

I was tagged by the “Orchid Nerd” herself (thanks Marissa!) in the description of her Orchid Tag Video, so I made my response video and also organized a historical list all of the past videos from other YouTubers so you can check them all out!

In this post (quick links to sections):

My Answers to the Orchid Tag Game


Other Orchid YouTuber Orchid Tag Videos

Note: If I’ve missed your orchid tag video, I’m sorry eh – Comment on one of my videos w/ a link to your tag, or send me a DM over facebook and I’ll add your video link to this list!

2019-11-24 | Bennet Riley
2019-11-12 | Here…But Not (that’s me!)
2019-09-30 | SueLee Charron
2019-09-21 | Gabrielle Carson
2019-09-16 | Todd’s Tropicals
2019-09-15 | Margaret East
2019-09-12 | Orchid Nerd  ***My Tagger***
2019-09-07 | Orchie Dee
2019-08-31 | The Orchid Room
2017-11-29 | Crazy Orchid Lady
2017-11-17 | OrchidudeBcn
2017-11-12 | LadyGreenThumb
2017-11-10 | NYC Orchid Queen
2017-11-08 | Blanca Acosta
2017-11-08 | Tropical Plant Party
2017-11-05 | Gardening and growing orchids in New Zealand
2017-11-03 | SueLee Charron
2017-11-03 | Rick L. Orchids
2017-11-01 | Libby’s Little Garden
2017-11-01 | Eds Orchids
2017-10-30 | Pipien Sukasa Orchids
2017-10-26 | Rose’s orchid ramblings!
2017-10-24 | Danielle’s Orchid Ranch
2017-10-22 | EDDM Orchids
2017-10-21 | Kaye Gambles
2017-10-20 | Roger’s Orchids
2016-07-12 | Roger’s Orchids
2016-06-08 | Bumblebee’s Orchids
2016-05-15 | Gardening at Douentza
2016-02-08 | Lazy Orchid Grower
2016-01-25 | TD Moore than just ORCHIDS
2016-01-18 | Holy City Orchids
2016-01-16 | John Benedict ORCHIDS
2016-01-14 | Mandy Orchids
2016-01-12 | MY Orchid Adventures
2016-01-10 | oogalaboo
2016-01-10 | Orchidaholic
2016-01-09 | Susana1024
2016-01-04 | PYC Orchids
2015-12-22 | TD Moore than just ORCHIDS
2015-12-20 | Orchids & a Dutchy
2015-12-14 | Isis Orchids
2015-12-01 | Gardening at Douentza
2015-11-22 | Bumblebee’s Orchids

Again, if I missed your video, tell me!


Orchid Tag Questions

  1. What part of the world are you growing your orchids in?
  2. How long have you been growing orchids and can you remember which was your very first orchid? Plus, have you still got it?
  3. What first got you into the orchid growing hobby?
  4. What kind of growing space do you have (windowsills, grow room, greenhouse, outside etc.)?
  5. How many different ‘types’ (genera) of orchids do you grow and what are they?
  6. Do you actually know how many orchids you have? (roughly)
  7. What would be the one thing that you could say was your top orchid peeve?
  8. What are your favourite places to buy orchids? (and least favourite)
  9. What is the worst orchid advice you’ve ever been given? (and did you take that advice)
  10. Out of the orchids you own, which are your five favorite orchids? (try and include the actual orchid in your vid if you can or pics of the blooms)
  11. Have you got an orchid related story (funny, interesting, sad)
  12. What advice would you give someone about to start growing orchids and building up a collection?


*New Orchid Tag Questions (2020 Addition)

A lot of the questions above are very person-centric. I work in software and marketing, and a lot of what makes me good at my job is my ability to blend technical aspects of technology to meet the needs of the user or consumer. I feel my relationship with orchids is no different, so to change things up a bit, I’d like to add a few new questions that are more YOU-centric, and less “me me me.” Really, my goal would be to uncover advice or insights can we offer to our viewers with a slight amount of introspection.

  1. What are some (or one) orchid care tip(s) you learned in the past that fundamentally changed your understanding of growing?
  2. What is your top orchid genus and why? Sell it to your viewers…share your love.
  3. Do you have any “top secret” orchid tips/insights? Please share it…
  4. Do you have any weird orchid-related rituals? What are they/tell us more…


Want to make an Orchid Tag Video yourself?

Last thing – if you haven’t been directly tagged and you want to make a video…THEN MAKE ONE! This is me tagging you! I know it might feel like you need that “tap” from another YouTuber, but the ‘Orchid Tag Q&A’ isn’t about “who’s who in the YouTube zoo”, it’s about helping your viewers get to know more about you. So just make your video, don’t wait for a tag. Then link me to your video so I can add it to the list of other tags and we’ll get you some additional exposure.


I’ve got to tag two people…but I’ll get back to that later.