ZOMG—We’re LIVE! Today is the day we launch "Here...But Not"—a millennial blog on all things awesome: life, career, love, hobbies and personal interests!

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We’ve talked about a lot of potential ideas for this site — but the best step is to let it grow organically. This site is a brain dump of the best things in life according to Bryan and myself (Dustin)…things we’re successful at, and things we want to nourish in order to further our passion.

What has it cost to get things going for HBN? A bit…

  • The website domain ($9.99)
  • Hosting (FREE — with my other sites)
  • A DSLR – Nikon D7000 (~$2500 with lenses)
  • A Tripod ($300)
  • A Video Mic: Rode MicPro ($300)
  • An LED spotlight to wash my face out ($50)
  • Batteries to run all of that crap ($30)
  • 6 years of school to figure out how to edit and post shit to the interweb ($40,000)


Things I still want to get:

  • Audio mixer
  • professional (or semi-professional) mic for recording pre-read versions of the blog posts.
  • Lavalier mic for out and about


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